Airport and Close Protection

The safety and security of Brazilian airports and their surrounding areas have become a growing concern due to the rise of theft, robbery, and other criminal activities both inside and outside airport premises. Transportation routes connecting airports to nearby cities also pose significant risks to travelers, with car robberies seeing a significant increase in recent years around São Paulo airports. Such incidents can disrupt travel plans and put travelers at risk of harm.

One contributing factor to the problem is that Brazilian airports are typically located in areas known for high levels of crime, making it easier for criminals to target travelers who may be carrying valuable items or cash. Additionally, the large crowds that gather in airports can provide cover for criminals to operate unnoticed. Inside airports, travelers face potential risks such as baggage theft and distraction techniques used by criminals to steal from unsuspecting individuals. It is crucial for travelers to be aware of their surroundings and keep a close eye on their belongings.

Close protection and risk management are effective security measures that can prevent thefts at airports and their surrounding areas. Close protection involves providing personal security details to individuals or groups, while risk management assesses and mitigates potential risks and vulnerabilities. By combining these two approaches, individuals and organizations can significantly reduce their risk of becoming victims of theft and other criminal activities.

According to the ASIS Foundation, a global security organization, close protection and risk management strategies can reduce the risk of criminal activity by up to 80%. This high success rate makes these measures an attractive option for individuals and organizations seeking to protect themselves and their assets.

Apart from their effectiveness in preventing thefts, close protection and risk management can provide additional benefits. Close protection can increase the perceived level of security and comfort among travelers, while risk management can help identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, enabling security personnel to implement appropriate measures to prevent incidents from occurring.

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