Escalating vehicle attacks in Brazil call for enhanced executive safety measures

Reports on vehicular theft in Brazil have drawn concern as numbers indicate an escalating trend.

According to the latest findings from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), there were a staggering 564,000 cases of car and motorcycle robberies and thefts in 2021, averaging about 64 incidents per hour across the country.

The survey revealed that within this period, there were 342,000 vehicle thefts, including 192,000 cars, 150,000 motorcycles, and an additional 388,000 bicycle thefts.

Among the regions, the Southeast represented the highest numbers, accounting for 55.3% of all vehicle thefts, 64.1% of car thefts, and 44% of motorcycle thefts in the past year.

The crimes mostly occurred on public roads, representing 75.1% of car thefts and 68.8% of motorcycle thefts.

Securing your safety in Brazil’s rising vehicle theft scenario

Vehicle Thefts

The staggering rise in vehicle thefts has raised widespread concerns in several regions of Brazil.

These crimes not only cause significant financial loss to vehicle owners but also contribute to increased criminal activity and the overall sense of insecurity among residents and travelers.

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