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In the present Brazilian urban configuration, vehicle security is a vital aspect, especially in densely populated cities. According to the Brazilian Association of Armoring (Abralin), since 2017, Brazil tops the global list of regions with the highest fleet of armored vehicles, with São Paulo accounting for 70% of armoring in the country. This trend is fueled by the growing concern over urban violence and the demand for an enhanced sense of safety.

Armored vehicles emerge as an efficient solution in this challenging scenario. It’s no longer just top-tier executives who seek to have their vehicle armored, but also the affluent elite, desiring to navigate more securely through the metropolises. The armoring acts like an armor, protecting occupants from projectiles fired from firearms.

Various levels of protection are available, from level I to III-A, each following international standards. While level I provides protection against shots from 32 and 38 calibers, level III-A, the most robust, is resistant to all calibers of handguns, being the choice of 95% of the market.

Besides providing a significant physical security services, armoring also offers a significant acoustic isolation, enhancing the driver’s concentration. When opting for an armored vehicle, it’s vital to ensure the correct installation of the armoring, its certification, and the level of protection. It’s important to note that armored vehicles require more frequent maintenance because of the modifications to the center of gravity and the increased weight.

However, superior protection isn’t limited to owning an armored vehicle. In this regard, Blue Lion Ops, a leader in personal security, raises the standard: introducing the Blue Lion Driver service. This service combines the skills of a highly trained security professional with the competencies of an adept driver.

In the corporate world, the presence of a Blue Lion Driver sends a clear signal of preparedness and commitment to safety. They are more than drivers – they are trained professionals ready to prevent, evade, and respond to urban attack situations. Moreover, they are equipped to cater to the distinct needs of each corporate client, be it transporting executives, dealing with complex schedules, or conducting business trips.

To ensure maximum reliability, each vehicle of Blue Lion Ops undergoes a rigorous inspection before any operation, reducing almost entirely the risks of operational failure. This is a reflection of our commitment to providing the highest standards of security and efficiency.

Therefore, although armoring is a key element in safety, the presence of a qualified professional can make all the difference in critical situations. With Blue Lion Ops, you have the opportunity to take your company’s security to a new level.

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