Strengthening Security in Brazil: An Adaptive Approach to Counteract the Illicit Arms Trade

In a recent report published by the Sou da Paz Institute, an unsettling trend was revealed: firearms intended for security forces and collectors are increasingly making their way into the illegal market, and ultimately, into the hands of criminals.

During the last ten years, a staggering estimate of 33,000 weapons have ended up with criminals in the state of São Paulo alone. A thorough analysis of over 23,000 police reports from 2011 to 2020 disclosed that these firearms typically spend less than 24 hours between the instance of theft or robbery and their use in criminal activities.

Highlighting challenges in firearm registration information sharing between the Army and the police, the study pinpoints a significant loophole facilitating the disappearance of weapons, including controlled ones like pistols and rifles. Concerns are growing around the role of certain collectors (known as CACs – collectors, shooters, and hunters) suspected of selling counterfeit registrations and supplying firearms to criminal entities, further complicating the situation by erasing weapon numbers to hinder traceability.

The illicit arms market seems to be effectively operating behind the guise of legal businesses, like firearm collectors, who register their weapons with the Brazilian Army through the Sigma system. In 2020 alone, 496,172 weapons were registered in Sigma – an alarming increase of 120% compared to the previous year. This spike is believed to be the direct result of former President Jair Bolsonaro’s pro-gun policies that encourage citizens’ rights to armed self-defense.

Furthermore, another 371,735 firearms are recorded under citizens’ names in the Sinarm system, which is managed by the Federal Police. Sinarm authorizes the possession and concealed carrying of firearms, as highlighted by a report from National Geographic Brazil. These figures are extracted from the 2020 Brazilian Public Security Yearbook, published by the Brazilian Public Security Forum (FBSP).

The rising number of firearms in wrong hands presents a substantial threat to public safety and law enforcement’s efforts to tackle organized crime. It also impedes accurate tracking of the total number of firearms circulating within the country or those held by civilians.

In response to this escalating security issue, it is becoming imperative to consider enhanced protective measures. This includes the utilization of armored vehicles, professionally trained drivers, and executive protection services specialists in Brazil.

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